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When order is complete a package will be sent out via mail or given directly* to collect flowers with specific instructions. In the meantime it is important to prevent mold and extreme discoloration. To deter this from happening it is best to remove flowers from water and lay on dry paper towel separated from each other. 

Each piece is unique and uses different amounts of petals, however, most are equivalent to one full rose in size. Larger items may need multiple flowers. It can be beneficial to add a range of color and textured flowers to your collection. Accent flowers such as babies breath is a great option add as well.

Memorial White Rose


As we help you honor and remember your loved one, we will handle their ashes with the upmost respect and tenderness. 

Once order is complete a package will be sent or given* to you. In the package will be instructions and supplies to transfer ashes in a safe manner.

Ashes that are not used in your pieces will be given back.

Leaves Shadow

Useful information

*Packages can be picked up and dropped off in local area. (Morris, Seneca, Ottawa, and Marseilles, IL)

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and any design requests. We are always open to new ideas.

Pieces are started in order of receiving flowers/ashes.  


In 2005, when my grandfather passed away, my family used the flowers from his service to make rosaries as a final memory to hold on to. From then on I have used flowers to create memorial pieces for any occasion. Funerals, weddings, and any other occasion to capture memories to hold onto.  Over the years I have evolved, updated and critiqued the process to be able to offer more options to cherish those memories. No matter what special piece you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it at Cherryl's Legacy L.L.C.

When first starting out we were called Everlasting Me By Megan. However, in July 2022, we lost a big part of our lives. Our inspiration. Our family fondation. Our mother. She was a strong, loving, caring women, who was not afraid to put us in our spots. She was fiercely creative and had always wanted to have a small business to show and sell her work. Cherryl Brann may have left this earth but I will live out her dream. Cherryl's Legacy is in her honor.

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